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Summer will be here before you know it...

For many of you, that means that you’re looking ahead for the right summer job.  However we want to invite you in to a summer experience so much bigger than just another job.

Working at Camp Kerusso means being a part of something so much bigger than yourself. It's an opportunity to make an impact for the kingdom right here in your own backyard. If you spend the summer with us, we promise you will be pushed out of your comfort zone. Uncomfortable right? Sure, but it's only in that uncomfortable space that we grow. Sure you'll be challenged, but you will have a community alongside you every step of the way. You'll be encouraged and challenged in your faith through studying Scripture, discipleship and relationship. You'll do life with a group of individuals uniquely gifted, each with their own story, but driven by the same goals: to love our campers well, to share the gospel every day, and to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

We would love to see you use your unique gifts and talents to serve the Camp Kerusso community. Check out the variety of positions available to see what might be the best fit for you this summer.

Counselor & Support Staff:
  • Must have completed 1 year of high school
  • Must be able to commit to at least FOUR weeks

Our Counselors are called to champion the mission, vision, and values of Camp Kerusso by letting the love of Jesus flow through them as they interact, enjoy, protect, and provide for the needs of our campers.  They are the first line of activity and fun at Camp Kerusso, and our counselors will set the tone for the rest of the camp.  They are called to lay their own agendas aside and make the needs of each child the priority.  They are the very hands and feet of Jesus, and they are the face of Camp Kerusso.

  • Must have completed 1 year of high school
  • Must be able to commit to at least FOUR weeks

The Facilities Team is responsible to champion the mission, vision, and values of Camp Kerusso through the preparation, set-up, and maintenance of all events and equipment and the facility as a whole.  This team is responsible as the main support to ensure that all camp activities are in good working order, are in the proper places at the proper times, and who is responsible for cleaning up and storing all equipment at the end of the day. They are also responsible to run the canteen and help the administrative team with all lunch activities.

  • Must have completed 1 year of high school
  • Must have (or be willing to obtain) valid lifeguard certifications
  • Must be able to commit to at least SIX weeks

The Lifeguards are responsible to champion the mission, vision, and values of Camp Kerusso by ensuring the safety or our children, counselors, and staff while in and around the water.  They are also responsible for encouraging and establishing a safe but fun environment while the kids are swimming and participating in the blob.  With that said, safety must be of the highest importance, Camp Kerusso will cover the cost of getting/renewing your lifeguard certification.

Leadership Positions:
On-Sight Assistant Director


  • Must be 21+
  • Degree (or current student) in youth ministry, education, or similar field OR a minimum of 3 yrs experience working with youth
  • Previous leadership experience
  • Available May 26th - Aug 4th (some flexibility available)

Areas of Responsibility: 

  • Work closely with the Director to champion the mission, vision and values of Camp Kerusso
  • Help with pre-camp program development, planning, staffing, scheduling (can be done virtually)
  • Work with the Director to manage all camp staff and volunteers
  • Assist with the day-to-day functions of camp
  • Oversee and pursue the success of the Team Leaders (spiritual, personal, and responsibilities pertaining to their position)
  • Help manage parent interactions
  • First line of defense in addressing any emergency or personal issues regarding campers, counselors, and staff
  • Teach during assembly time as needed
Team Leaders

The mission of the team leader is three-fold. First, he/she is responsible to partner with the Director to champion the mission, vision, and values of Camp Kerusso by working directly with the Counselors, program, and campers. Secondly, the Team Leaders will be responsible to carry out and oversee ALL aspects of Camp from activities to spiritual development and administrative work, with enthusiasm, passion, and energy while constantly keeping the safety of all campers and staff in mind. Lastly, the Team Leaders will be asked to disciple a small group of Counselors. This call to discipleship will include but will not be limited to a short Bible study each morning, praying with and for each Counselor, and keeping an eye on your team during the day, looking for specific ways to help, lift up and encourage each person individually.

  • Plan & execute morning activities
  • Plan & execute large group activities
  • Plan & execute lunch time activities (as applicable)
  • Manage golden items
  • Oversee our camp wide competitions
  • Oversee team building
  • Engage with counselors during individual activities
  • Participate and lead group assemblies as necessary
  • Assist the Director and Assistant Director with the "details" of camp 
  • Help manage schedules (staff, volunteer, activity)
  • Responsible for list of supplies to restock/shopping list
  • All onsite paperwork/parent calls
  • Sound airhorn according to schedule 
  • Hand out/gather gear as needed
  • Oversee/assign camp chores
  • Administer minor first aid
  • Oversee pavilion set up/organization

Works with the camp staff to create a COMMUNITY that values RELATIONSHIP, and an ENVIRONMENT to WORSHIP while we play.

  • Help prepare and distribute small group materials
  • Oversee the health of all small groups (in addition to leading one)
  • Prep daily Bible time packets
  • Organize/oversee worship team
  • Primarily responsible for organizing group assemblies
  • Prep gospel bracelets activity packets
  • Assist with staff care & development
  • Help plan staff events and community night
  • Help promote the overall health of the community and culture of Camp K 
  • Manage and lead small facilities team (responsible for their effort & success)
  • Set up/break down all activities
  • Run activities as necessary (delegate as needed)
  • Repair broken equipment/activities
  • Maintain and repair lake equipment
  • Run lunch canteen
  • Work with Deacons/Camp Board on property projects
  • First line of security on the property
  • Manage and lead lifeguarding/water activity team (responsible for their effort & success)
  • Must have Lifeguarding/CPR certifications
  • Creatively help plan all lake activities
  • Oversee and supervise all lake activities
  • Check all lifejackets and water equipment daily
  • Oversee cleaning and sanitization of water equipment after each group
  • Assist with camper drop off/pick up as needed

NOTE: Internship credit is available for all leadership positions. We are willing to work with your school to meet reasonable internship requirements.

May/June Sessions:

May 31 - June 4

June 7 - 11

June 14 - 18

June 21 - 25 (6-8th grade)

July Sessions:

July 5  - 9

July 12  - 16

July 19 -  23

July 26 - 30

COST: $210 / Week